get answers with smart pivot tables

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simple way to ask your business data and get the numbers

search driven analytics

Often the fastest way to get answers out of your data is to ask a question using natural language. This is like a Google but for numbers and your private business data. Just try it.

create reports with search-based queries
autocomplete suggestions help to form the question

analyze data with pivot tables and charts

Typical business questions that start with "How much?", "How many?" and pivot table (aka crosstab, matrix report) can provide those types of answers.

Pivot tables are great for analyzing large datasets. They help you make data-driven decisions and get valuable insights from your data.

Labels grouping, sort by values
Several measures in one pivot table
Totals and sub-totals
Charts: bar, stacked bar, horizontal bar, line, pie

simple ad-hoc reporting

SemanticTool is good for both one-time and periodic summary reports you need for meeting, presentation or executives. You can do it in minutes even if you know nothing about pivot tables!
Report can be saved and reused next time like in other reporting tools.

Keyword-based data filter with autcomplete suggestions
Percentage values
Rows or columns exclusion

smart data import

Start by uploading your data via comma separated file (.CSV), tab separated file (.TSV) or spreadsheet file (.xls, .xslx, .ods).

SemanticTool automatically detects file format, column data types, data cube dimensions and measures.

Analyze large CSV files (>100k rows, >100 mb)
Import data from SQL data sources (MS SQL and others)
Custom data upload with REST API
Automated data refresh

collaborate and share your reports

Simply share your insights with colleagues and partners by an email or a public link. The report can be easily included in a document, presentation or a web page.

Keep your thoughts and notes by adding comments to the report with one click. Collaborate and discuss pivot tables just by replying on the email - anytime and from any device.

Shared report is included into email body
Export pivot table to CSV/Excel/HTML/PDF formats
Schedule periodic reports (daily, weekly etc)

how it works

for end-users
Online Demo

for embedded BI
PivotData REST Service

for .NET developers
PivotData Toolkit .NET SDK